Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing / Lead Generation to an Agency or Hire a professional staff?

Disclaimer: We operate a digital services business and we might be biased, regardless, we would try our best not to be too blindingly so. Now that we have got that out of the way, here we go



  • Cheaper than building the team in-house.

Digital marketing is a complex skill and people generally have a T shaped skill expertise in this domain. T shaped skill meaning a resource can only master 1–2 services in-depth but not all. Hence you will require a minimum of 4–6 people if you want to build an in-house team with all the required expertise. Imagine what this will do your expenses. Even if you are paying just N50 ,000 (which is ridiculously conservative), you will still have to pay between N300,000 to N600,000.

A digital agencies monthly retainers is less than half of the number suggested above. Contact us for a free consultation HERE

  • You get the best talent in the industry.

Good agencies attract better talent because talents find agency life to be more fun and also get to work in multiple domains at the same time.

  • Recruitment and training is not your headache:

Digital industry attracts a lot of young talents, the retention rate is only going down as we are moving from millennials to generation Z. There is a serious lack of skilled resource in this industry and hence job switching happens a lot.

With a digital marketing agency on board recruitment wont be your issue.

  • Performance Targets are taken more seriously by agencies.

Laying off people is bad PR for the company, laying off an agency is not. In-house resource tend to become complacent over time, while agency will always be on its toes because they want to retain the client as long as they can and the only way to do is by performing.

  • Technology wont be a barrier.

Digital marketing involves dealing with the website heavily, a lot of modifications will be required. Hiring technology support is again a big cost. Ideally your should hire an agency which is providing technical support with their Digital Marketing package.


  • If execution team is not good, your business suffers

A lot of times people who pitch and people who work on the projects are different. A solution here would be having an interaction with the execution team.

  • Too many inexperienced agencies in the industry

The field is flooding with startups, there is no entry barrier to start an agency, one only needs a laptop and little bit of skill to launch an agency.

That’s about it, all these cons only occur if you haven’t vetted the agency well.

In our previous article, we talked about the steps to vet an agency. Read it here Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business. You can also view the roles and expectations of a Digital Marker here.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing your marketing efforts may bring a bit of trembling at the prospect and the naira figures. However, this investment proves to be one with minimal risk. Beginning with one project offers you a picture into the services and working relationship with an agency. If you like the results, move ahead. If not, move on.

The search is worth the effort. After all, you increase the productivity of your workforce by removing these tasks from their list, free your mind to pursue more business dreaming, planning and problem-solving and generate fresh, current marketing ideas. Plus, your company flourishes under the skills and expertise of an off-site digital marketing team.

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